Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Double Quote Avoidance - Using JsonJavaObject + JsonReference to output function references

Recently I have been developing an an XPages UI control for JQuery jqGrid. JqGrid, like most javascript components, relies very much on configuration using json.I haven’t done much in this area before and I thought things would get pretty ugly if I had to manually output all the javascript / json.However turns out there are some handy utilities built into the XPages runtime to manage a lot of this for you. This article on Jesse Gallagher’s bloggave me exactly what started, and it was super simple to build all these options into a JsonJavaObject or Map, and then output the Json using the JsonGenerator / Json Writer.
You can read the full post on my new blog here

I have recently moved to a wordpress blog at camerongregor.com I am just waiting on my planet lotus profile to be switched over to the new blog feed so I am posting links to my new articles here until that is updated.

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